The Giving Guide 2021

The Giving Guide 2021

Make gift-giving meaningful: With gifts that show you care

It can be so hard to think of good present ideas – especially for someone that seems to have it all! That’s why we’ve put together The Giving Guide.

The Giving Guide highlights just a few of the ways you can give the gift of giving with curated present ideas for him, her, children and more! Does something take your fancy? Feel free to add it to your wishlist too – you’ll be helping more than just your loved ones out. A percentage of the proceeds for each gift idea below will go towards a good cause, making it just that little bit more special.

1. Kenana Knitter Critters from The Fig Tree Gift Shop

These adorable knitted animals are handmade in Kenya by the talented Kenana Knitter ladies. They are made in Organic Cotton or Home Spun Wool and are great for decorating your home or giving as gifts to children young and old. Not only are these characters super cute and well made but 50% of profits from every sale goes towards our work in Sierra Leone, helping keep our sponsored children happy, healthy and in school.

Not only is each critter carefully handmade in Kenya, but your purchase will also help support employment opportunities in the country. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving!

Price: $15 – $145 (all prices are in AUD, Free Shipping over $60!) Shop now

Kenana-Down-Under Knitter Critters – Australian Range

Children in The Fig Tree program running at River No. 2 beach the last time we took them there, December 2019.

2. Give the gift of joy by donating to give a Sierra Leonean child a day out at the beach this Christmas

We want to organise a Christmas Gift for one hundred children, the children in The Fig Tree program and also the children at St. Mary’s Children’s Home. We aim to raise the funds needed to take the children to the beach for the day, provide transport, lunch and a gift of clothing.

Price: Donation with ‘dollar for dollar’ matched funding Shop now

Some of the children in The Fig Tree program posing for photos at River No. 2 beach the last time we took them there, December 2019.

3. What better way is there to show someone you care about them than by buying them a hammock to relax in.

Proudly supporting Mayan Legacy Mexican Hammocks which was established in 2002 by Alicia with the purpose of providing regular and fair employment to local artisans, while fulfilling Alicia’s dream of establishing a family business; they are committed to producing high-quality hammocks while providing families from small Mexican towns the opportunity to earn a fair and decent living.

The Fig Tree Gift Shop is selling them and donating 50% of their profit to The Fig Tree Children

Price: $169 to $249 Shop now

4. Do you need wine for Christmas? Have you ever considered Goodwill Wine?

This Australian organisation gives 50% of its profits to charities like us. Does that mean for every bottle you buy the world gets a little bit better? Why yes, if you put it like that!

With a range of delicious flavours to choose from, Goodwill Wine puts a special twist on this perfect gift for wine lovers! This year The Fig Tree Children is on the menu. We’d love for you to support our cause! Price: from $14.95 per bottle Shop now

5. Worry Dolls from Guatemala

Quitapena, or ‘worry dolls,’ are traditional in Guatemala and Mexico. According to the legend, the Maya princess Ixmucane received a gift from the sun god, making her able to solve any person’s problem. Later, people began creating dolls with whom they’d share their problems. Tell the doll your problems and fears. Then, place the doll under your pillow and, the next day, your problem becomes smaller or can be resolved.

The Lopez Garcia family make these dolls. Almost all of them who craft these delightful and beautifully handmade worry dolls are women. This allows these women to work from home so they can look after their children, check over their homework and make sure they eat well.

“This work has unified us as a family. It has given us group goals to meet and the opportunity to exhibit our work. We feel there are people around the world who value them and this makes us very happy.”

Price: $7.50 Shop now

Tree Planting in Freetown, Sierra Leone

6. Have a tree planted and nurtured in Sierra Leone on behalf of someone you love.

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone, is on a mission to plant a million trees (#FreetownTheTreeTown) over the next two years, increasing vegetation in her city by fifty per cent while shoring up eroding riverbanks and increasing biodiversity. “This isn’t just about planting trees; it’s about growing trees, and it’s about ensuring that each one of us is part of the process,” she says. “A million trees is our city’s small contribution to increasing the much-needed global carbon sink.” Price: $5 Read more and Shop now

7. Say hello to someone you care about with beautifully crafted greeting cards

Although we live in a world run by digital communication, a card sent through the post can mean a lot to both the sender and the recipient. It’s a thoughtful way to reach out to an old friend or loved one on a special occasion.

The Fig Tree Children’s 10 pack of assorted greeting cards are 100% recycled and eco-friendly. Featuring beautiful imagery of Sierra Leone, these cards can be purposed for any occasion or even just to display at home, making them a super fun and versatile gift. Not to mention, 100% of the proceeds will directly benefit orphaned and vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.

Price: $20 Shop now

100% recycled handmade greeting cards and envelopes.

8. Handmade bracelets from the Philippines

These gorgeous handwoven bracelets would make great stocking fillers! They are made by families in the Philippines. We have partnered with ‘Threads of Hope‘ to support their mission to “empower families to create home enterprises that turn their vulnerable communities into sources of physical, educational and spiritual nourishment”.
Price: from $4.00 to $15  Shop now

9. Consider gifting opportunity by sponsoring a Fig Tree Child

We believe every child deserves to feel safe, be loved and have access to basic healthcare and education. If you have the means to help, please consider sponsoring one of our children this Christmas. For $48 per month, your sponsorship will pay for their school fees, provide school materials and provide the child’s carer with a monthly allowance to help care for the child.

The bond between a Fig Tree Child and their sponsor is truly special. By providing for their basic needs and empowering them through education, a sponsored Fig Tree Child has the best opportunity to grow, flourish and break the cycle of poverty in Sierra Leone.

Price: $48 per month

Give an opportunity today

One of the Fig Tree children in school

Amina* (centre) sponsored by Niall seen here with her best friend and Jane (TFTC CEO)

10. Give the gift of dignity with a year’s supply of sanitary pads for a girl in Sierra Leone

Menstruation is quite a taboo topic in Sierra Leone. In fact, many girls who get their period for the first time don’t even know what’s happening! With shared bathrooms in school and little access to sanitary pads, many of our Fig Tree girls choose to stay home which can really impact their education.

For $38 you can give the gift of dignity and hope to a young girl in Sierra Leone. Read how menstrual hygiene affects girls in Sierra Leone

We want our Fig Tree girls to know childhood does not end when you get your first period and empower them to continue their education and secure a bright future. $5 of the donation will also go towards our Emergency Health Fund, to help protect our Fig Tree children in times of need.

Price: $38

Shop now

Binta* sponsored by Karl & Sarah receiving a year’s supply of sanitary pads.

We hope The Giving Guide has inspired you to give the gift of giving. Never underestimate the joy of giving to others.