Support Programmes

Take a look at the support programmes we are currently running - can you help?

Become one of one hundred Fig Tree Ambassadors

Become a Fig Tree Ambassador by donating a regular amount to our cause. There are 3 Ambassador Levels:

$10 AUD per month - Bronze

$15 AUD per month - Silver

$25 AUD per month - Gold

Our Target: 100 Ambassadors!

Emergency Medical Fund

Sometimes, our children or their carers get sick. When this happens we want to be there for them. We help by making sure they receive the medical attention they need from a qualified doctor (rather than a traditional healer) and we will pay for any treatment or medication they need to help them get well. Having an emergency medical fund allows us to do this. Help us by donating a one-off or regular monthly amount.

A year's supply of Sanitary pads for one hundred girls

$38 AUD (£22) will provide a year's supply of sanitary pads (reusable or disposable depending on a girl's preference or circumstances). $5 of this donation also goes towards The Fig Tree Children's 'Pathway to Employment' programme, helping provide skill training or further education the children need to give them the best chance of finding employment.

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PO Box 736, Paddington Queensland 4064

Call Us: +61 431 895 733

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    We acknowledge the First Nations People of Australia as the custodians and traditional owners of the land from which we advocate for improving access to quality education for and providing opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children and youths (male and female) in Sierra Leone. We pay our respect to Indigenous Elders, past, present and emerging, and acknowledge and uphold their continuing relationship to this land. This is, was and always will be Aboriginal land.