Sierra Leone

See the beauty of Sierra Leone through the eyes of Issam EISamad ©

Taylol village, Kambia Sierra Leone

A girl carrying dried rice stems from last season’s harvest. Her family will transport bags of these dried stems to cover their newly ploughed field which is the size of over 50 football fields! The walk is over 2 km. They start at sunrise and take a break at noon. The field must be covered before mid-May in anticipation of the first rains! They will then set fire to the dried stems and pray for rain!
The heavy rains usually arrive by mid-May to wash all the minerals and vitamins off the burnt stems into the already rich soil. The family will then plant this year’s rice! When it rains, the soil is fertilised naturally; it’s now a healthy Rice Paddy! In this part of the world, no chemical fertiliser or pesticides are used; this is how it has been done for generations and therefore organic rice which is known in Sierra Leone as “kontry ress” is extremely healthy to consume as it is 100% organic!

Silent suffering

Somewhere on the little Scarcies river Sierra Leone

Lumley beach road

Amina. For all your cultural bracelets, necklaces and more.

The Big Bamboo Inn

A sea of lobsters


Rombeh Swamp, Port Loko District

Adama, almost certainly carrying twice her weight on her head!

Her mother whose consent was given for this picture was carrying a similar weight on her head with Adama’s sibling tied to her waist! Adama carries a similar load of wood twice a week
from a nearby farm to their house - a 30-minute walk!
The Courage, persistence and focus of this little girl and many like her throughout the country cannot be compared to that of the iPhone generation kids!
And she smiles through her sweat without a care in the world!


Iron ore train tracks at sunrise


Turtle Island Sierra Leone


The mango girl

Rock mountains

If you are travelling along the Makeni Kabala highway you would see these magnificent rock mountains or inselbergs. If you venture off the main highway there are places where, during the rainy season, you can see the amazing algae that grow on the rock’s surface giving them a beautiful fluorescent green coat! Other rock mountains, during the rainy season, also have some amazing waterfalls, some are over 50 meters high!


Crossing the river at sunset in tokeh Sierra Leone

A busy Day

The white sands of Tokeh Beach

Eucalyptus trees

MIRO forestry Sierra Leone off Mile 91

Tokeh Freetown Peninsular

Crystal clear waters of the Atlantic ocean pour into river no. 1 at high tide or every 6 hours and 25 minutes.