Amina* lives with her single Mum who we help by paying Amina’s school fees and buying the school materials she needs. We also give a monthly allowance which replaces the amount that Amina could earn from petty trading allowing her to go to school like her friends and not have to work.

TFTC CEO, Jane, met with Amina and her mum at Amina’s school in February 2019. She seemed very happy in her school and her teacher was lovely. Jane was lucky to meet with Amina’s school friends and especially to be introduced to Amina’s best friend.

,In March, 2019, TFTC programme manager in Sierra Leone, Aminata, told us the awful news that little Amina had had an accident, she had fallen backward into a pot of boiling water and burned herself badly. It was important she was seen by someone urgently. We asked Aminata to arrange for Amina to be seen by a doctor at our expense. Amina was seen, treated, and after a few days off school went on to recover well. We were told she was very brave.

By also providing Amina and her mum with a food parcel, containing staple food items, we were able to help keep them both safe during lockdown by avoiding the long queues at the markets. Also, food was scarce and had received a price hike during this time. We also provided a radio to help Amina with on-air learning during this time.

In early September, Amina shared her school report with us and we were delighted to hear she’s been promoted to year 3. I’m sure Amina’s mum is very proud of how well Amina is doing. We wish them both well.

* a Pseodynm has been used to protect this child’s identity.

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